Masa Tanaka

He relocated to Israel in 2014 as the Board Member of Quark Pharma (QBI), a biotechnology company based at Weizman Science Park in Israel, which was wholly acquired by SBI. SBI decided to establish a strategic partnership with Vertex Ventures Israel in the mid 2014, and he immediately executed several milestone investments in the cyber security fields, one of which was in Argus Cyber Security, and this investment achieved a hugely successful outcome in 2017. In 2017, he successfully established a new infrastructure to lay more exposure in the Israeli markets by launching Israel-focused fund called “SBI Japan- Israel Innovation Fund”. Upon the launch of the fund, he has swiftly deployed the capital only to the first-class and unique life-science startups and actively engage in the development of its portfolio companies. Mostly recently, he has successfully launched “SBI-Vertex Israel Fund”, USD 150 - 200 million Israel-focused ICT investment fund jointly managed with Vertex Ventures.