Over time, the world around us - from our close physical environment to the critical infrastructures providing the foundation for life in our cities and states - has grown increasingly dependent on information and communication systems for its everyday activity. Along with the opportunities this dependence offers, it gives rise to sophisticated enemies and threats that are more complex than ever before, which are being perfected and refined methodically.


In the face of these enemies and threats, individuals, organizations and states are required to produce innovative, unique solutions that would improve the resistance and resilience of the sensitive systems they rely on every day. For this purpose, it is essential to maintain a direct, on-going contact with the latest developments and changes in the cyber market.


To this end, Cybertech global events is proud to present "Cybertech Tokyo", Cybertech's first event in Japan on November 30th! Join hundreds of representatives from the region for a one-day conference and exhibition on cyber solutions, innovations, and technologies. In addition to the exhibition of technological innovation, Cybertech will serve as a meeting place for a discussion on cyber threats, fintech innovation, investment, protection of critical infrastructure and more!



Since 2014, Cybertech has served as one of the largest cyber solutions events around the globe. From Tel Aviv, to Singapore, to Canada, Cybertech is one of the most popular networking events for industry leaders and government decision-makers alike when it comes to cyber, technology, innovation and investment.


Cybertech Tel Aviv, the largest cyber solutions event outside of the U.S., features over 12,000

participants from over 50 nations, including hundreds of exhibiting companies and startups from around the globe.


The Cybertech serves an international dialogue on cyber threats, market needs, and innovative solutions with keynote speakers comprised of industry executives and heads of state from around the globe. Topics include fintech, IOT, protection of critical infrastructure, transportation, cyber investments, big data and more!


Cybertech Global Events also include one-of-a-kind exhibitions, with hundreds of global companies and startups at the forefront of technological innovation meeting today's cyber demands! Included in the exhibition is the unique "Cybertech Startup Pavilion" exhibiting new and innovative companies from around the world with cutting-edge technologies and solutions.


Cybertech is a proven platform for b2b, networking, and investment for audiences across the globe! See you at Cybertech Tokyo 2017!