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Developed by two of the world’s preeminent mathematicians, ThetaRay brings a transformational approach to big data analytics, isolating problems buried beneath big data and pinpointing opportunities concealed within traditional systems. Drawing inspiration from the manner in which complex systems operate in nature, ThetaRay’s patented algorithms grow more intelligent over time, yielding objective results in seconds.
Revolutionary in its approach, ThetaRay lets math discover meaning in the data without making any pre-assumptions. Its rule-free approach pinpoints items that matter now and in the future, mapping them in context, time and location.With ThetaRay, clients obtain measurable value in days and achieve full deployment in a matter of weeks. From that point on, ThetaRay’s system runs automatically, without intervention from client personnel and with the continuous support of an adaptable platform.TheraRay helps financial institutions, cyber security divisions and critical infrastructure businesses make giant strides in managing risk and generating new growth. With ThetaRay’s solution, organizations become as resilient as these times require: safeguarding assets, recovering from setbacks and capturing future growth amid continuous change.

CyberX delivers the only industrial cybersecurity platform built by blue-team military cyber-experts with nation-state expertise defending critical infrastructure. That difference is the foundation for the most widely-deployed platform for continuously reducing ICS risk and preventing costly production outages, safety failures, and environmental incidents.
Notable CyberX customers include 2 of the top 5 US energy providers; a top 5 US chemical company; a top 5 global pharmaceutical company; and national electric and gas utilities across Europe and Asia-Pacific. Strategic partners include industry leaders such as Palo Alto Networks, IBM Security, Optiv Security, DXC Technologies, and Deutsche-Telekom/T-Systems.
Customers choose CyberX because it's the simplest, most mature, and most interoperable solution for auto-discovering their assets, identifying critical vulnerabilities and attack vectors, and continuously monitoring their ICS networks for malware and targeted attacks. What's more, CyberX provides the most seamless integration with existing SOC workflows for unified IT/OT security governance.
For more information visit or follow @CyberX_Labs.

Bitglass the Next-Gen CASB company is based in Silicon Valley. The company’s solutions deliver zero-day, agentless, data and threat protection for any app, any device, anywhere. Bitglass is backed by Tier 1 investors and was founded in 2013 by industry veterans with a track record of innovation.



Menlo SecurityはWeb、ドキュメント、Eメールに潜むマルウェアの脅威を払拭しサイバー攻撃から企業を保護します。Menlo Securityのクラウドベース・アイソレーション・プラットフォームは拡張性が高く企業規模を問わず包括的な保護を提供します。ユーザのクライアント端末にはエンドポイント・ソフトウェアを必要としないため導入が容易であり、またユーザの利便性に影響を与えること無くご利用が頂くことが可能です。Menlo SecurityのソリューションはFortune 500に代表される大手グローバル企業や金融業界での豊富な実績がございます。


株式会社インターネット総合研究所は、1996 年12 月9 日に設立されました。
設立から約20 年が経過し、現在の日本は、インターネット・インフラは整備されましたが、その利活用という面では、再び世界から大きく遅れているという現状に置かれています。この間、急速に進むグローバル化と共に、IoT、ビッグデータ、AIにおける技術革新が進行し、第4 次産業革命の時代、すなわち、グローバル・デジタルトランスフォーメーションの時代を迎えています。このような時代の要請に応えるために、科学技術の面で世界でも圧倒的な先進性を誇るイスラエルに親会社を設置し、同国のテルアビブ証券取引所に上場しました。

Verint® (Nasdaq: VRNT) Cyber Intelligence Solutions is a leading provider of security and intelligence data mining software. Our solutions are built upon 25 years of domain expertise and are deployed across a wide range of applications, including cyber threat detection and response, predictive intelligence, advanced and complex investigations, security threat analysis, and electronic data and physical assets protection.   In the world of cyber security, Verint transforms how organizations around the world defend themselves against complex threats. We empower nations, governments, critical infrastructure providers and enterprises to anticipate cyber-attacks, prioritize risks, automate investigations, and accelerate their path from detection to response.   

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Checkmarxは、企業向けのSoftware Exposure Platform(ソフトウェア脆弱性・リスク管理)プラットフォームです。世界各国の1,400以上の組織が、Checkmarxのソリューションを使用して、DevOpsのスピードでソフトウェアリスクを測定し、管理しています。Checkmarxは、世界の上位10社のソフトウェアベンダーのうち5社、米国の最大手の銀行4社、政府機関、SAP、Samsung、Salesforce.comなどのFortune 500の企業にサービスを提供しています。詳しくはCheckmarx.comをご確認ください。また、Twitterで@checkmarxをフォローしてください。



セキュリティソリューションでは、内部情報漏洩対策の自社パッケージと、主にイスラエルのサイバーセキュリティ対策製品に焦点を当て、全ての業界向けにセキュリティ製品と技術サポートを提供しています。内部情報漏洩対策の自社製品CWAT、サイバーセキュリティ対策のTraps、illusive Networks、SecBI、ayehu、CyberArkなどがあります。

マルウェア解析サービス「Intezer Analyze」(参考出展)


Zimperium Inc.が提供するプラットフォームは、数々の表彰を受けた機械学習ベースのエンジン「z9」を活用して、モバイルデータ、アプリケーション、セッションをデバイスの侵害やネットワーク攻撃、悪意のあるアプリから保護します。今日まで「z9」はアップデートやクラウドベース製品によくある検出の遅延や制限に悩まされることなく、モバイルに対するゼロデイ攻撃を100%検出しています。


Menlo SecurityはWeb、ドキュメント、Eメールに潜むマルウェアの脅威を払拭しサイバー攻撃から企業を保護します。Menlo Securityのクラウドベース・アイソレーション・プラットフォームは拡張性が高く企業規模を問わず包括的な保護を提供します。ユーザのクライアント端末にはエンドポイント・ソフトウェアを必要としないため導入が容易であり、またユーザの利便性に影響を与えること無くご利用が頂くことが可能です。Menlo SecurityのソリューションはFortune 500に代表される大手グローバル企業や金融業界での豊富な実績がございます。


Tufin Orchestration Suite (TOS) provides end-to-end visibility and control of an enterprise’s network security, spanning the data center to the hybrid cloud. Tufin Orchestration Suite includes three products ? SecureTrack, SecureChange, and SecureApp.
Tufin reduces the enterprise’s attack surface and minimizes disruptions to critical applications. Our solution uses policy to automatically analyze risk, and design, provision, and audit network security changes.
Using network security automation, our customers are able to implement security changes in minutes instead of days with continuous compliance and increased agility.
Tufin Orchestration Suite provides multi-vendor device support for leading enterprise networks, including finance, telecom, energy and utilities, healthcare, retail, education, government, manufacturing, transportation and auditing.
We partner with leading technology vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Check Point Software, Cisco, Fortinet, Microsoft Azure, Palo Alto Networks, VMware, and more

NTT DATA is your Innovation Partner anywhere around the world. Headquartered in Tokyo, with business operations in more than 50 countries and regions, we emphasize long-term commitment and combine global reach and local intimacy to provide premier professional services from consulting, system development to business IT outsourcing.

Allot Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: ALLT) is a provider of leading innovative network intelligence and security solutions for service providers worldwide, enhancing value to their customers. Our solutions are deployed globally for network and application analytics, traffic control and shaping, network-based security services, and more. Allot’s multi-service platforms are deployed by over 500 mobile, fixed and cloud service providers and over 1000 enterprises. Our industry leading network-based security as a service solution has achieved over 50% penetration with some service providers and is already used by over 20 million subscribers in Europe. Allot. See. Control. Secure. For more information, visit

ThinkCyber is an Israeli Cyber Security consulting and training company.Our company is composed of a group of professionals and industry talents, focusing on developing new knowledge, tools and techniques in the world of Cyber Security.ThinkCyber offers a wide range of services from consulting companies, organizations government and private sectors for cyber security issues, providing a full range of levels starting training for awareness, prevention of malicious cyber-attacks to teaching and training high levels of cyber security experts. Including red and blue teams. Cyber Forensics and SCADA Security solutions, relying on in-house methodologies developed by our team of researchers.In order to take the theoretical studies to the practical ‘hands-on’ experience, we developed our own cyber gym called the- Cyberium Arena, which is an advanced simulation platform that provides realistic training scenarios to improve the performance of our students in their training needs and provide a platform to practice all the material learned in the classroom in an interactive environment that contains challenges and real-world difficulties for optimal student practice.One of our global services for continued training local languages we Train for Trainer- This program is designed to train trainers in order to provide localization of the training in local language and provide continuance of courses. The program includes all the tools that the trainer needs in order to teach the material to a class.Think Cyber was established in Israel where our headquarters are based and operates globally.