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Prof Ari Shamiss

Prof. Ari Shamiss is the CEO of Assuta Medical Centers, the largest private network in Israel consists of 8 hospitals and medical centers with more than $500M in revenues.

Prof. Shamiss was the Director of Sheba General Hospital at Tel Hashomer for 10 years ending in August 2016.

Prof. Shamiss holds M.D from the Technion Institute and MPA from Harvard University. He is certified in Internal Medicine, Hypertension and Healthcare Management and he is a Professor of Medicine and Vice Dean at Ben Gurion University School of Medicine on these disciplines with more than 60 published scientific papers.

Prof. Shamiss was the Surgeon General for the Israel Air Force (Col. Ret.) and the Director of its Aeromedical Institute and he is a graduate in excellence of the US Navy Aerospace Medical Institute.

Prof. Shamiss is a co-founder of Assuta Life Ventures (aLivE), is a board member and advisory at numerous high-tech companies, and is involved in numerous global business projects in healthcare technology and Infrastructure. (Oct. 2019)


At A Glance
CEO at Assuta Medical Centers (9/2016-current)
GP and Founder at Assuta Life Ventures (aLivE) (9/2017-current)
Professor and Vice Dean at BenGurion University School of Medicine (10/2017-current)
Professor at Tel Aviv University School of Medicine (2012-2018)
Advisory Boards at Day Two, a personalized nutrition startup and Social Fund Israel (current)
Partner at Asia Pacific Health Ltd in Hospital planning and design (current)
Chief Medical Advisor at El Al Airlines (current)
CEO at Sheba General Hospital (2005-2016)
Surgeon General Israel Air Force (1997-2000)
MPA from Harvard University (2000-2001)
MD from the Technion Israel (1982)