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Recently recognized as one of the 20 most promising enterprise security solution providers for 2018 by CIOReview, CyberInt eliminates potential threats before they become crises by looking at all online activities and digital assets from an attacker’s perspective and provides managed detection and response services to customers worldwide. Leveraging Argos? real-time digital risk protection platform with a global cyber expert analyst team, as well as managed SOC, threat hunting, deep dive investigations, real-time incident response and risk and business impact assessment services, CyberInt provides holistic end-to-end protection to digital businesses in retail, eCommerce, gaming and financial industries.

SecBI has developed a revolutionary approach to network traffic analysis to
deliver automated threat detection and investigation for security
operations centers (SOCs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs).
Our value is best understood in contrast to solutions that offer detection
via random alerts and anomalies requiring manual correlation and
investigation. Our Autonomous Investigation™ technology incorporates
machine learning to uncover a full scope report on every suspicious
incident, including all affected entities (e.g. users, domains, devices)
within minutes. Automated investigation provides analysts and hunters with
a comprehensive incident storyline, enabling rapid and complete
remediation. Without the need to deploy special appliances or agents, the
solution can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, and is currently used
by financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, and manufacturing
enterprises worldwide.

Whether you are looking at a bachelor's, a master's or an executive master's, you will find programs that are grounded in the science of human behavior, driven by technology and innovation, and constantly evolving to stay right at the cutting-edge. Our diverse programs are united in their emphasis on comprehensive understanding, hands-on learning, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation. We are driven to help you reach your goals, preparing you to become an expert in your field, and capable of thinking, working and innovating across disciplines. You will learn with students from around the world and professors who are working experts in their fields. You will graduate from your program prepared and ready to meet the challenges in the new world of work.

Perimeter 81, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, is a next-generation Software-Defined Perimeter and Cloud VPN security provider, driven by the mission to transform secure network access for the modern and distributed workforce. Built from scratch based on input from security leaders needing a change from legacy VPN technology, Perimeter 81’s unified management, Automatic Wi-Fi Security and seamless integration with major cloud services, give companies of all industries and sizes the power to be fully mobile and confidently cloud-based.